2016 Kawasaki’s Break Cover at AIMExpo

October 23 2015

Kawasaki returned to the AIMExpo this year with a bunch of updates to their World Superbike Championship winning Ninja ZX-10R.

Headlining the changes to the ZX-10R is an upgraded electronics package that includes traction control (S-KTRC), power modes, intelligent ABS (KIBS), a quickshifter (KQS) and several other acronym we’re still attempting to decode with the Kawapedia section on their website. All of this electronic trickery is tied into a system of sensors (IMU), which can track the bikes position through six degrees of freedom (6 DOF), thus enabling items such as the intelligent ABS and traction control to know just how much acceleration or deceleration is possible at any given moment.

2016-Kawasaki-Ninja-ZX10R-ABS-KRT-Edition3Kawasaki has also bestowed the 2016 Ninja with their new Balance Free fork and Balance Free Rear Cushion shock. The combo is a derivative of the firm’s World-Superbike-Winning suspension technology, developed in conjunction with Showa. It’s a first for a production bike, and though it doesn’t include electronic adjustability, like some of its more expensive competitors, racers have sworn by this type of suspension for some time now. The system uses a second reservoir for oil to pass through, giving better slow speed compliance while maintaining the high-speed performance required on a rocket ship like this.2016-Kawasaki-Ninja-ZX10R-ABS-KRT-Edition4-small

Gone for 2016 are the faithful Nissin calipers, in favour of Brembo M50 units and larger 330 mm front discs.

A new close-ratio 6-speed transmission features revised gearing, a lighter slipper-clutch and a few tricks learned from the H2R.

And of course, more peak-power has been extracted from the 998 cc mill, thanks to a new crankshaft, larger exhaust valves, revised combustion chambers and a host of other items.

Canadian pricing for the ZX-10R ABS KRT Edition is $18,299 or you can get it without the fancy race team stickers for &$17,999. Visit the Kawasaki Canada site for all the info on their 2016 line up.


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