An Authentic French Experience on Two Wheels

October 21 2015

Hedonist Motorcycle Tours is offering motorcyclists an authentic French experience.

Carcassonne (6)Tours take riders through the Southwest of France, in the heart of vineyards and fortified villages, and through the Pyrenees Mountains.Charming accommodations, gastronomy and local heritage will delight the gourmet. Special care is given to selecting each aspect of the itineraries for a relaxing and comfortable stay. A variety of options are available to customers looking to explore one of France’s most picturesque and intriguing regions, ranging from day tours and unguided multi-day trips to fully guided, nine-day vacation packages.Find out more about Hedonist Motorcycle Tours at their website, or reach them directly at or do it the old fashion way, pick up a phone and call +33 663 796 713, but make sure you have a long distance package. 2015-05-17_HMT_Brousse (2)

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