Ducati Panigale 959 Super-Middle-Bike?

November 17 2015

The smaller of Ducati’s race bread reli-racers has, for some time, been undergoing an awkward growth spirt of sorts. Just as each iteration appears to have become comfortable in its skin, there’s suddenly an increase thrust upon it by the creator.

The latest in this string of amplifications has brought us the Panigale 959 as introduced by Company CEO, Claudio Domenicali at EICMA 2016.

A primary goal for the new Panigale was striking the perfect balance between power and handling. With a claimed output of 155 hp and 76 ft/lbs of torque from its 955 cc, the Panigale is now nipping at the heals of the Superbike pack in terms of power and should be quite a bit lighter than most if not all the litre class.

The Balance they’re striving for may well be two bikes in the litre-bike comparison tests in 2016.

Full specs should be posted on the Ducati website shortly so have a look for specs and pricing as they become available.

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