Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 and Flat Track Pro

November 17 2015

As has become the norm, Ducati took over the stage on the first day of EICMA 2015 to put on a show and introduce their new models. To go along with that video (posted previously on the Motorcycle Mojo website) Ducati has released a series of promotional videos to showcase the new product.

Making a grand entrance to the stage during this weeks Ducati presentation at EICMA was the companies favourite son, racer Troy Courser aboard the new Scrambler Flat Track Pro. This is a homage to the flat track racing scene that’s exploding all over the world. The bike is finished in yellow and black paint and  comes with number plates and a small flyscreen. There’s also a Termignoni exhaust helping to bear the soul of this bikes V-Twin engine.

More importantly, during the live stream we saw the debut of the new Scrambler Sixty2, the 400 cc variant that has long been rumoured and was recently spotted in spy photos – The guys standing outside the test facilities with the giant telephoto lenses are totally ruining the surprise these days; It’s like finding your Christmas presents the night before, then opening them in a dark closet where you can barely make out what the hell you’re looking at, but just enough to totally spoil the big day when it finally arrives.

The new Scrambler Sixty2 should be a huge sales boost for the company in markets where bikes over 400 cc are subject to heavy taxes and fee’s. It should also be appealing to those looking for a more economic or compact offering from the Italian maker.

There’s one more Scrambler due to launch later this year as part of a joint styling effort between Ducati and an independent fashion brand.

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