Ducati XDiavel Promotional Video

November 17 2015

As has become the norm, Ducati took over the stage on the first day of EICMA 2016 to put on a show and introduce their new models. To go along with that video (posted previously on the Motorcycle Mojo website) Ducati has released a series of promotional videos to showcase the new product.

First up is the new XDiavel, a bike that I was a bit confused about even while watching the press event. It would seem that the X is meant to represent the “intersection of different worlds” as well as “slow speed eXcitement” . What I gather from the presentation and accompanying video is that they’ve upped the detail in the finish of the bike, changed the seating position, given it a huge boost in low to mid-range toque and generally just made it more appealing to the cruiser segment.

Marketing jargon aside, they actually did make some really interesting changes; This XDiavel will use a belt final-drive, a first for Ducati, which should reduce drive-line lash as well as maintenance. Even more intriguing is the redesigned engine, eliminating most of the external hoses used for engine coolant and instead, houses the fluids internally, making for a very tidy and attractive mill; Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali referred to it as a jewel in the heart of the machine.

Enjoy the video.

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