Honda Gold Wing Recall

November 9 2015

Transport Canada has issued a recall on Honda Gold Wing motorcycles over concerns with the big tourer’s rear brake.

Transport Canada Recall # 2015488

Units Affected: 10,633

Recall Details
On certain motorcycles, the combined brake system’s secondary master cylinder may cause the rear brakes to drag. Continued riding with the rear brake engaged/dragging may generate enough heat to cause the rear brake to catch fire. These issues could result in injury and/or property damage. Unexpected braking may also adversely affect vehicle stability, which could result in a crash. Correction: Dealers will replace the secondary master cylinder with one that has a modified check valve. In addition to replacing the secondary master cylinder, dealers will also replace the rear master cylinder and flush the brake fluid. Note: This recall supersedes recall 2014-326. All vehicles having been inspected and/or serviced under the previous recall will require re-inspection and repair.

Follow this link to the Transport Canada website for further details. 

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