North American Premier of the Norton Dominator SS

Story by Glenn Roberts// Photos by Glenn Roberts
November 6 2015

This past Monday, Motorcycle Mojo was fortunate to be the only motorcycle media outlet invited to the advanced screening of the new bond flick, Spectre.

The VIP black-tie event was part of a 12-day promotion to celebrate Canada-UK business and trade. There aren’t any spoiler alerts here as it wasn’t the movie that prompted me to accept the invitation, although I did enjoy the 2.5 hours of explosions, weaponry and hand-to-hand mortal combat. The main reason for going was to see the 2016 Norton Dominator SS.

The SS is an exquisite looking machine, as are all of the Nortons in my opinion. The bad news is that the SS is sold out. Only 200 hand-built machines were available worldwide and were going for about 40,000 pounds, or about $80,000. The good news is that the regular Dominator, sans SS, will be available to the Canadian market for about half that price. The SS on display was brought into Canada by Norton Motorcycles Canada ( specifically for the event and will be making its rounds at the Motorcycle Shows ( across the country this winter.

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