Suzuki SV650 Returns

November 17 2015

Making a return to the Suzuki model range for 2016 is the venerable SV650. This 650 cc twin has been a favourite of many riders (this one included) for a long time, and the refresh it much deserved.

The 2016 SV650 appears to borrow heavily from the SFV650 in the form of its trellis frame and powerplant. Also looking familiar are some of the exterior components such as the suspension, wheels, front fender and rear swing-arm… lets just call it what it is; Suzuki has raided the parts shelf to put this new SV together – is that headlight from the original SV or the GS500?.

I for one couldn’t care less because they’ve taken two great models (SV650 and SFV650) and combined them into one, as they should have done long ago. The result is going to be an inexpensive, fun, fast bike that comes with the extra horsepower all us SV-lovers have pined for, without having to spend the cash to find it ourselves.



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