Triumph Awarded the Prestigious Diamond Jubilee Trophy

January 15 2016

Triumph Motorcycles was recently awarded the prestigious Diamond Jubilee Trophy from the Royal Automobile Club.

The Trophy was presented to Triumph Motorcycles in recognition of outstanding contributions to motorcycling and the motorcycle industry. The Diamond Jubilee Trophy was inaugurated in 1957 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the Club and is awarded to individuals or corporations of any nationality in recognition for an outstanding contribution in the field of automotive transport and/or motor sport.

The trophy has only been awarded 5 times in its history with Triumph Motorcycles being the 5th recipient. In winning this award the company joins a very elite list of winners, which includes: (1958) Sir Vivian Fuchs for the Commonwealth TransĀ­ Antarctica expedition. (1962) C.S. Cockerell for the Hovercraft. (1969) NASA for the Crawler designed for the Apollo spacecraft. (1976) The British Aircraft Corporation and Aerospatiale (France) for the design and construction of the Concorde and (1983) Richard Noble for the land speed record of 633.486mph.

Congratulations go to Triumph and all who’ve contributed to the brand over the years.

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