BMW GS Trophy – Day 2

February 29 2016

GS Trophy Day 2
What a fantastic follow-up to yesterday’s GS Trophy ride! Riders left Pai this morning for the 170-km ride to Mae Hong Son. When it comes to twisty roads, California has nothing on Thailand!

Endless switchbacks so tight you can see your own taillight mid-turn. And steep! Costa Mouzouris reports they’re the steepest roads he’s ever ridden.

The dirt portion of today’s ride included lots of tight, technical single-track trails, unforgiving if you put a wheel wrong into a steep bike-wrecking drop. Fortunately, all the rain in the previous days had dampened the dirt and there was almost no dust. This may change on Day 3 as the ground dries out.

IMG_3725bIt’s quite impressive what the big GS can handle off-road. The route was so tough, organizers offered a

bypass route for a handful of journalists who had a tough time during the media training days.

Although the tagline for the GS Trophy is “It’s not a race,” one of today’s challenges was a race against the clock around a short off-road course. Although the ranking for today’s three challenges is not out yet, Team Canada seems to have done very well.

Tents are pitched in Mae Hong Son, where riders rest up for another day of challenging riding tomorrow.

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