Duck! No, it’s a Seagull.

February 9 2016

Those of you who follow the MotoGP race series may recall a late season incident involving Andrea Iannone leading the Australian GP before encountering a seagull on the exit of turn 10 – thankfully one of the slower corners on the Philip Island circuit. The race itself was one of the best in the history of the sport and despite Iannone’s collision with the gull, he still managed a podium finish.

IannoneThe now famous Australian seagull or Gavin, as he has become posthumously know, made a short but indelible appearance in last years series, and his likeness and last expression will now live on. In a show of respect and classic humour, Iannone’s AGV winter test helmet now wears the likeness of his feathered friend.

If you missed the 2015 Australian GP, here’s a link to the video showing the incident. Warning! An animal was most certainly harmed in the making of this video.





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