Evolutionary Vozz Helmet

March 2 2016

Vozz Helmets emerges with a game-changing design

side-helmetThere’s been a revolution – or perhaps evolution – afoot within the motorcycle helmet industry ever since Vozz Helmets released its game-changing, rear-entry helmet design.

The Australian helmet manufacturer has spent 11-years developing and perfecting a new design in protective headgear. Vozz has secured worldwide patents for their revolutionary design, along with DOT and ECE certifications.

Every person who has donned a helmet understands, and accepts, the fact that the chinstrap can be awkward at times but it’s necessary to keep the helmet in place. Or is it?Vozz-Helmets-02

The Vozz helmet is designed to open at the rear. You then roll the helmet on from the front placing your chin into the adjustable chin cup, and then close and latch the rear of the helmet. Once closed, the shell opening fits closer to the neck and is therefore smaller than your head. This design fits better, claims to have less wind noise and buffeting than traditional full-face helmets, and doesn’t require the use of a chinstrap.

While it may sound awkward because it is unconventional, after trying it a couple times, I began to get used to putting it on and removing it. Once accustomed to it, the helmet can be put on and removed in seconds. A huge bonus to the design is that it’s safer and easier for EMS personnel to remove the helmet in an emergency.

Already selling product in Australia, Vozz is aiming at North American distribution to commence in July 2016 with an estimated retail of USD$650.

Expect a full report on this incredible helmet once riding season is in full swing.

For more info go to vozzhelmets.com

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