Story by Marcus Martellacci//
June 17 2016

The rumour mill is spinning up again and it’s being fuelled by talk of Volkswagen and the impending realignment of its current holdings. Since Dieselgate, the company has been looking for ways to offset massive losses, and selling off some of its portfolio to raise the cash looks to be a distinct possibility.

Of particular interest to us are reports that Ducati is among the more likely prospects, given the company’s value has increased significantly while under the German manufacturer’s umbrella.

With an estimated value of €1 billion, and the fact it’s the oddball in the group, it’s no surprise Ducati’s name has been tossed into the ring. However, despite record profits, the Italian bike builder represents less than half a percent of the group’s total value, and its sale would do little to offset the €16.8 billion that Volkswagen has set aside to correct its error.

There’s certain to be much more talk surrounding the topic and we’ll be sure to bring it to you.

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