Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde Electronically Controlled and Adjustable Exhausts

Story by Marcus Martellacci//
July 13 2016

Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde Exhaust

One of the first things people modify on their motorcycles is the exhaust. This makes their bike different from the rest of the pack and easily identifiable at the twist of the throttle. That said, one’s neighbours or the surrounding community might not be so excited about a newfound exhaust note. Though there is now a way to have that incredible tone without drawing unnecessary attention. The Jekill & Hyde Exhaust Company, based in The Netherlands, has arrived in Canada  and brings with it a revolutionary exhaust system.

Jekill and Hyde HondaThe electronically controlled and adjustable system allows riders to open and close the exhaust valve with the push of a button mounted on the handlebar. Keep in mind, all of the exhausts are compliant with governmental regulations for sound decibels (in quiet mode), and emissions (all modes).

As an example of how the system works, when arriving in a town at night or leaving first thing in the morning, closing the valve initiates quiet mode, so the sound is dramatically reduced. However, when on the open road and the environment permits, open the valve for a beautifully crafted sound that enhances the joy of riding.

With the exhaust system fitted on a motorcycle, the first chamber eliminates high and middle frequency noise that can be irritating. The valve then directs the exhaust to one of two secondary chambers. The quiet chamber has the same backpressure as stock, whereas the loud chamber gives 6% to 10% more performance, along with a fantastic sound. No mapping or fuel system is needed since the O2 compensates +/- 20%.

Each exhaust system is made with high-grade German stainless steel. Additionally, the proprietary dampening is made of single strand fiber that prevents blow-out, and the Nomex outer layer prevents discoloration of the exhaust. The valve is made of chemically hardened steel and is controlled by an aeronautic servo engine. For the various temperature zones in Canada, there’s a weather-resistant actuator ‘sound’ switch.

Open_Exhaust Jekill and Hyde copyCurrently, Jekill & Hyde exhausts can be paired with a wide range of brands and models. Harley-Davidson models include: Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Touring, Vrod. BMW models include: R 1200 GS(A), R 1200 R, R 1200 RS, R 1200 RT, R Nine T. Honda models include: Goldwing, F6B and the C-ABS. Indian models include: Scout, Chief, Chieftain and Springfield. Victory models include: Bagger, Cruiser and Touring. Future brands include KTM and more.

Each Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde system is made to order and specifically matched for an individual’s bike. They are exclusively sold through authorized dealers, whose Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde trained mechanics will install them, to keep the warranty intact. Each exhaust comes with a two-year warranty.

Jekill and Hyde Victory (1)The Jekill and Hyde Company understands the desire for customization and individualization. That said, there over 20,000 combinations that can be made for the various bikes available around the globe. Each custom order comes with 1 or 2 bodies, end caps, electronics, servo engines and sound switch. For bikes with longer saddlebags, an extender is available. Furthermore, configuring your bike can be done easily online at www.jekillandhyde.com.

Like Louis Stevenson’s classic novel from 1886, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, these exhausts have dual personalities: tame and proper at one moment, ferocious and aggressive at others. All at the push of a button. The company’s vision from day one (est. 1997) was to give the rider the ultimate biker experience by offering the best electronically adjustable exhaust regarding sound, esthetics and performance. In 2010, Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde received the EU type approval for Europe what made the systems 100% street legal in all European countries, Japan and many Asian countries. Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde is now sold in over 43 countries worldwide. Additionally, the company has grown from four employees to over 65 worldwide, with a fully operational research and development center at their head office in the Netherlands.

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