Hogtunes Bluetooth Audio Control

Story by Marcus Martellacci//
July 11 2016

Hogtunes Inc has announced the worldwide release of the NEW BTS-AA . Using Bluetooth wireless technology, BTS-AA allows music to be played wirelessly on 1999-2013 Harley Davidson motorcycles with a factory radio.

“Riders and music enthusiasts have been looking for a more affordable way to add Bluetooth wireless technology to their bikes without having to change their radio, and Hogtunes has delivered”, says Hogtunes owner, Mike “PEZ” Pesdirz. “Hogtunes has always strived to offer innovative, affordable solutions to give customers the best possible experience without breaking the bank.”

Features include:

  • Adds Bluetooth® VIA factory radio AUX input
  • Replaces factory ambient air temperature gauge (or any 2-1/8″ gauge)
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Additional input for satellite radio/ GPS etc
  • HD accessory chrome rings fit perfectly
  • Backlights for easy viewing at night
  • Works with any radio that has 1/8″ input
  • Ability to pair with up to 9 wireless devices
  • Retain CB, headsets and rear speaker pod controls when installed on Ultra Classic models

Hogtunes is distributed through Drag Specialties, Parts Canada, Parts Unlimited and Parts Europe.

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