Remembrance Day Tribute

Story by Ron Keys//
November 10 2016

My Uncle, My Friend

It was many, so many years ago

That my father and uncle decided to go

To a far off land across the sea

To fight for freedom for you and for me


Down to the recruiter they did go

Signed up as brothers to fight unknown foes

They would serve together to keep us free

Not knowing that it was not to be


As they left on the train from the Kingston station

There was little fanfare from this great nation

Too far off Halifax off they went

But serving together was not what was meant


My father enlisted in submarine training

Not knowing his future and health that was waning

My uncle went off to serve in the trenches

The front line would damage his mind and his senses


Pneumonia kept my father from serving

And the Top Secrets Library proved rather un-nerving

Had it not been for this and not going to sea

I might not be here with this poem for thee


My uncle’s platoon in the muck and the mire

Tried crossing a clearing and came under fire.

Afraid and alone he lay there as dead

A full moon that night filled him with dread


On night two as he lay there it came without warning

A cloud sent from God that he might see the morning

Running as never he had run before

He made it to safety from the guts and the gore


When the death and the horror had come to an end

And my uncle and father were home safely again

Shell shocked and a shadow of what he once was

My uncle recovered with help from above


A few years ago we buried that man

In the dirt of this beautiful, wonderful land

This land that came at a huge price you see

The price paid by our fathers to keep us all free.


So this day with one minute of silence observed

Take a moment to think of all who have served

And gave of their time, and their health, and much more

Far and away on another’s great shore


They served and they died so we could be free

Selfless and dauntless for you and for me

And just maybe a tear will rise from within

Let it fall on your cheek friend, and stand proud for them.


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