ZOX Launches Premium Line of Helmets

Story by Marcus Martellacci//
November 10 2016


The New Z-Series

Zox is proud to introduce a premium line of Zox helmets, the new Z-Series. These high quality, lightweight helmets embody leading-edge technology, avant-garde design and first-rate engineering know-how. The Z-Series line delivers several high-end qualities, such as Pinlock ready MAX Vision visors, T3 breathing liners for extra comfort and aerodynamically designed fiberglass shells. It also includes numerous safety features, including a quick release micrometric chin strap buckle and an inner shell with hi-impact absorption.

With the Z-Series line of premium helmets, we’re determined to provide the utmost quality, safety, style and affordability. We aspire to deliver unsurpassed value to the end user, with a touch of flair for good measure. “Our goal with this new line of premium helmets is to combine high-end quality, attractive styling and affordability. I believe we’ve succeeded in delivering a wonderful lineup of products at prices significantly below our competitors” says Mike Paladino, Motovan/MTA V.P. of Marketing & Sales. For more information on the new Z-Series premium line of helmets, please click on www.zoxhelmets.com.

About Zox: Developed over a decade ago to address the consumer need for a comfortable, safe helmet at a reasonable price, Zox Helmets has consistently delivered on its core values. Quality, safety, style and affordability have always been in our DNA and we’ll continue to emphasize these characteristics as Zox Helmets powers ahead. From the very beginning, is delighted to supply dozens of helmets to youth and professional riders across the country, while also sponsoring numerous riders, races and series. Furthermore, Zox Helmets is proud to be a part of the revolutionary Black Rider Program, as it becomes the gold standard for amateur and professional riders throughout Canada.

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