BMW Unveils New HP4 Race Edition in China

Story by Marcus Martellacci//
April 20 2017

The horsepower wars are raging and manufacturers are pushing the limits of technology to find any advantage. BMW’s unveiling of the new HP4 Race in China illustrates the current cutting edge for the industry, at least in terms of something we could conceivably get our hands on – for around US$85,000.

The chassis is all carbon fibre, as are the wheels and bodywork. There’s of course more of that woven wonder-material throughout, along with a smattering of titanium to assist with the massive weight-loss when compared to the somewhat hefty S1000RR. Wet weight is just 377 lbs, and it’s now propelled by even more power – 13 more ponies actually – bumping the claimed output to 212 hp.

Of course the suspension, brakes and electronics are all top of the line components, as is everything on the new HP4 Race. The only real limitation it appears BMW have put on the development of this bike is that it’s not road legal and can only be ridden on the race track – and that’s probably for the best.


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