AMi Cleaning Products

Story by Marcus Martellacci//
June 1 2017

Clean with a Conscience.

This past March, I’m standing in our booth at the Halifax motorcycle show, preparing to welcome attendees as they wander down our aisle. However, before they reach me, the gentleman in the booth next to me intercepts the first of them and begins to demonstrate his cleaning products. The enthusiasm he displays is impressive, as is that of his partner in crime, and before long they have the attention of all in the area. It’s a good pitch and the product looks to be working as advertised. Then, just as it appears to be wrapping up, the gentleman demonstrating the cleaner turns it around and, to my disbelief, starts spraying it in his mouth! I see this unfold many, many times throughout the day and watch with concern for signs of wooziness. I even send a message back to Editor Glenn Roberts reporting what I’ve observed and that neither has dropped to the floor nor gone blind.

It turned out that there was no need for worry, as these were in fact “trained professionals.” Well, actually, they were the founders and creators of this company and its products: AMi (formerly AquaMedia Inc.). The products I had been observing in action were AMi’s Chrome Care and Screen Care (also marketed as Aqua Visor) line of cleaners.
My first real job around motorcycles was cleaning them, and that came about because the dealership didn’t have a job for me, so I just went out back and started washing bikes in my suit. After a couple of days, they hired me – probably out of pity – but by that point, my suit was ruined and the cleaners had already started to take a toll on my hands. I’ve washed a lot of bikes since then and have tried more cleaners than I can remember, not one of which was okay to swallow or spray in my eyes, I might add. So, you can see where the concern for my fellow exhibitors came from.

The base for these cleaners is an organic and all-natural calcium-based solution that is 100 per cent chemical-
free. In the case of the Chrome Cleaner, it’s simply applied liberally to a surface, then wiped off and buffed with a microfibre cloth. I’ve tried it on bikes, cars and all the household chrome I can find with great results, but the best part is that it leaves behind an almost chalky, though invisible film that prevents fingerprints from easily transferring onto the chrome – and the more you use it, the more resistant to fingerprints it gets. The same is true for the Screen Care product, which I’ve used on every TV screen, tablet and cellphone in my house since leaving Halifax, and I’m pleased to say that regardless of the substance our children smear onto said viewing surfaces, we’re able to wipe it away with ease. More importantly, it works just as well on my helmets, leaving a streak-free visor that is now easier to clean after each ride.

AMi is currently offering a range of cleaners, all of which are non-toxic, non-combustible, unscented, all organic
and natural. It’s even developed an oven/fireplace/barbecue cleaner that shares the same attributes; no small feat considering other products on the market that are meant to clean those items come with a long list of warnings to prevent things like fires, explosions and death.

With AMi’s products, if an infant got ahold of the bottle, you‘re biggest concern would be changing a diaper. These are the only cleaning products I’ve ever seen that do not have a single warning on the label – and did I mention, they’re all Canadian developed and made?

You can find out more about AMi cleaners, their availability and the proprietary technology behind them by visiting We hope to see these products making their way into mainstream locations across the country soon, because cleaning organically, without chemicals, is important for everyone and every thing.


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