All-New 2018 Yamaha Star Venture TC

Story by Marcus Martellacci//
June 16 2017

Press Release

Yamaha has released the luxurious, new from the ground up, 2018 Star Venture TC bringing greater convenience, comfort, and long-distance enjoyment to those who choose to journey further.

The experience and emotional connection to the all-new Star Venture TC begins with the powerful 1,854 cc air-cooled V-twin. Cruising at highway speed, passing, and even carrying a full load is effortless and with the addition of Yamaha’s YCC-T ride-by-wire throttle control and 6-speed transmission with overdrive, the ride is ultra-smooth.

Whether touring across town, province, or country, comfort is among the top desired characteristics for both rider and their passenger. To make the most of enjoyable rides, Yamaha has spent countless hours considering the comfort and rider ergonomics of the Star Venture TC with standard features like electronic adjustable windshield, a spacious cockpit, and heated rider and passenger seats. Long-distance hauls are made easier with plenty of storage in the saddlebags, top trunk, and readily accessible passenger storage compartments.

Operation of the Star Venture TC is made easy with features like traction control, ABS/UBS braking, user-friendly Smart Key technology, and Yamaha’s all-new Sure-Park system that makes moving the motorcycle convenient and hassle-free. Sure-Park employs an electric motor to slowly move the bike forward or backward to aid maneuverability when parking.

The user-friendly infotainment system on the all-new Star Venture TC comes factory installed with a 7-inch LCD display complete with audio, navigation, communication, vehicle status and equipment controls and can be controlled via touch screen, the 5-way D-pad on the handlebars, and even voice recognition.

Cross-Continental touring is a beautiful thing. The Yamaha Star Venture TC makes it a luxurious pleasure.


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