Outback Motortek Expands into the Triumph Market

Story by Marcus Martellacci//
June 15 2017

Tiger 800 models will be the first to get crash and engine protection

Timing is crucial and in Outback Motortek’s case it was definitely on their side. Triumph Tigers (XC, XR, XCX, XRX) have been sold for nearly 7 years, which should mean a tremendous disadvantage introducing accessories so late, unless there’s a large percentage of Tiger 800 owners who are not happy with the current aftermarket accessories other manufacturers offer.

“We always listen to what riders have to say about their crash bars and skid plates and we try to improve upon their feedback and keep the trusted features. Hence we’ve had a surprisingly great reception when I first posted the prototype products’ photos. So many Tiger 800 owners are now eagerly waiting for our products to be released”, said Outback Motortek founder, Lorry Gombos.

“Timing is crucial and it could not be any more perfect: riding season is in full swing! We are stoked to announce that the Outback Motortek Triumph Tiger 800 accessories will be available in Canada by the end of June, 2017 via our Canadian distributor DualSport Plus (www.dualsportplus.com).”

Outback Motortek offers two colour options for its accessories. View colour options and images on the Outback Motortek blog at https://outbackmotortek.com/black-vs-silver-triumph-tiger-800-crash-bars/.

For more information contact:

Lorry Gombos

Founder and Owner, Outback Motortek

Pickering, ON

Toll Free#1-877-931-3636

Email: lorant@outbackmotortek.com


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