The Road To Tuktoyaktuk is Open

Story by Marcus Martellacci//
November 22 2017

After decades of planing and years of construction, the permanent road connecting Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories has finally opened. The primary means of transport between these two towns is by aircraft or ice road, neither of which are terribly convenient.

This announcement is of particular significance to the motorcycling community and the many adventure riders who travel up the Dempster Highway each year; The ability to dip a wheel into the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, all aboard your trusted mount, is now a reality.


Most importantly for the inhabitants of Tuktoyaktuk, the new road will significantly reduce the cost of living; Estimates show a savings of $1,500 per person annually. In addition, the community expects a significant increase in tourism thanks to easier access – we can think of more than a few people who’ve already put this one at the top of their motorcycle ‘to do list.’


Given all the excitement we’re hearing from just motorcyclists alone, Tuk can expect a lot more visitors looking for new adventures and a warm bed on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.


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