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Story by Marcus Martellacci// Photos by Dainese
December 14 2017

Dainese Custom Works Tour Brings 45 Years of Craftsmanship and Tailored Design to North American Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Dainese, the world leader of protective wear for dynamic sports, announced the North American tour of Custom Works, which provides fully-customized and made-to-measure motorcycle racing suits and jackets for race and street enthusiasts.


Different levels of customization are available, starting from basics with standard color choices, up to a complete customization package of colour options, measurements and the inclusion of logos and other add ons. Once complete, the measurements and customization specs are sent to Dainese’s production facility, where each piece is hand-sewn by professionals, many of whom do custom sewing for Valentino Rossi suits.

“We at Dainese always stress the critical importance of fit for optimal protection and safety. And we’re bringing that on the road through the Custom Works Tour, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a completely made-to-measure, Dainese suit that’s fully customizable – literally every stitch is made for you”, said Roberto Sadowsky, Executive VP. “We are proud to bring this opportunity to riders across North America who are looking for the very best and trust Dainese’s heritage and craftsmanship to make it happen.”



Since its inception in 1972, Dainese has remained at the forefront of technical innovations in motorcycling gear, making racing leather suits for champions including Valentino Rossi, Giacomo Agostini, Eddie Lawson, Kenny Roberts, Sr., among many others. The company’s forward thinking and uncompromising design approach has brought protection advances including knee sliders, back protection, aerodynamic hump and D-Air technology to the market for ultimate performance and safety.

Over 40 years of experience in the field culminated in this launch of the Custom Works program, which allows every client to get the perfect leathers of their dreams, made by the trained specialists of the leading manufacturer of protective motorcycle wear.

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Canadian Dates

DEC 14 – PACIFIC MOTORSPORTS – 21000 Westminster Highway RICHMOND, BC, Canada
DEC 15 -VANCOUVER BMW-DUCATI – 3061 Grandview Highway VANCOUVER, BC,  Canada
JAN 24-25 – RIDERS CHOICE – 2276 Dixie Road MISSISSAUGA, ON, Canada
JAN 26 – MONETTE SPORTS – 251 Boulevard des Laurentides LAVAL, QC, Canada
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