Bar and Shield Hope Electric Bike Recharges Sales

Story by Marcus Martellacci// Photos by Harley-Davidson
January 31 2018

The Harley-Davidson LivewireThe recent news of Harley-Davidson’s plan to close their Kansas city plant was accompanied by the announcement of an all-electric motorcycle to reach production within 18 months.

Presumably, the new model will draw heavily on the styling and technology of the LiveWire Concept, but will also benefit from four years worth of additional development.

As always with electric, the sticking points will be cost and range; if they can deliver it to market at a reasonable price and with a moderately practical range (certainly better than the approximately 85 km average of the LiveWire), then maybe they’ll get some traction in the growing market.

I for one hope they’ve let the engineers and designers try to stuff that power-train into every chassis in the place, and we end up with something that looks nothing like a LiveWire – now that would be a proper surprise.


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