Hit ‘n Miss List – Star Eluder and Venture TC

Story by Costa Mouzouris//
April 2 2018

We’ve compiled our second Hit ’n Miss list, and this time we look at the 2018 Yamaha Star Eluder and Star Venture TC.

We were invited to Nashville, Tennessee to ride Yamaha’s newest offerings, where we rode along interstates, highways and back roads for more than 300 km, allowing ample time to sample the performance and comfort of these large luxury-touring machines.

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Here’s our list of hits and misses

The 1,854 cc air-cooled V-twin produces massive torque at low revs.

Hit – The 1,854 cc V-twin is based on the Raider engine but is all new and big on low-end torque, peaking at an impressive 126 lb.-ft. at just 2,500 rpm.

Hit – The air-cooled pushrod V-twin contributes to the bike’s low centre of gravity, producing light, neutral steering, and surefooted handling.

Hit – The Star Venture TC has a tall, adjustable windscreen that combines with swing-out wing deflectors in the fairing to offer very good wind protection.

The Yamaha Star Eluder is a stripped-down version of the Venture TC; it’s lighter, but not as comfy.

Miss – The stripped down Eluder isn’t as comfortable due to its shorty windscreen and the absence of fairing-mounted wind deflectors.

Hit – Both machines have very relaxed, comfortable ergonomics, with an easy reach to a wide, pullback handlebar, and large floorboards that allow you to move your legs around.

Miss – Despite the Venture TC’s very good wind protection its windscreen produces a fair amount of helmet buffeting at highway speeds.

Hit – Both models are equipped standard with a heated seat, while the Venture TC also has heated grips as standard.

Activate the Sure Park lever and use handlebar-mounted buttons to reverse or crawl forward.

Miss – Unfortunately, the lack of easily accessible buttons for the seat and grips means you have to scroll through the screen menus to set and adjust the heat.

Hit – Up to 144 litres of storage capacity is available in the saddlebags and top case of the Venture TC, while the Star Eluder boasts 70 litres of storage space in its bags.

Hit – Venture TC comes with Sure Park, which uses an electric motor for reversing or crawling forward at a very low speed to help manoeuvre into tight parking spaces.

Miss – Although the engine is torquey, it has a low rev limit of 4,500 rpm and you hit the rev limiter often when making a quick pass. It also requires premium fuel.

Hit – Traction control and linked ABS are standard. Pricing starts at $27,099.

The 2018 Yamaha Star Venture TC has all the bells and whistles of a modern luxury tourer.

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