Indian Motorcycles releases recall on some 2018 models

April 24 2018

Indian Motorcycles has released a Canadian recall on 2018 models such as the Chieftain and Roadmaster.

On certain models, electrical components in the right hand switch cube may develop corrosion over time. This corrosion may lead to the motorcycle starting without user input due to an electrical short in the cube. The motorcycle could start in enclosed areas risking exposure to increased carbon monoxide. 

To fix this recall, dealers will replace the existing right hand switch cube with an updated cube that eliminates the potential for corrosion. 

Models included in this recall are as follows: 

2018 Chief Classic

2018 Chieftain

2018 Chieftain Classic 

2018 Chieftain Darkhorse

2018 Chieftain Limited 

2018 Darkhorse 

2018 Roadmaster 

2018 Roadmaster Elite

2018 Roadmaster Icon

2018 Springfield


To learn more about this recall click here to visit Transport Canada Recall Database.


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