International Female Ride Day -May 5th , 2018

April 5 2018

The 5th of May is for all women on all types of bikes encouraged to “Just ride”!


May 5th will be the 12th annual International Female Ride Day. Across the world women will ride creating friendships, rider camaraderie and inspiring other women to take up motorcycling. The 5th of May will host celebrations by renowned women’s motorcycle clubs, foundations, associations and individuals’ all taking to their handlebars to support IFRD’s global action for women in motorsport. There are weekend events, day events, off-road days, track days and national promotions in support of the first Saturday in May. Riding in unison, women represent their country, culture and region. Canada, USA, Iceland, India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Caribbean, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Japan, China, Israel are just some of the participating regions.

“Just Ride!” photo sharing as well as participating in the world-wide photo contest, is an important tradition of every IFRD. The 2018 IFRD photo contest details will be announced shortly on the IFRD Facebook platforms.

Created in 2007 by Vicki Gray, a long time motorcycle advocate and race instructor. This ride day has grown immensely with the purpose of highlighting the many incredible and diverse women who ride. Now managed through Motoress, a global motorcycle resource for women.


To find out more information or events that may be happening near you check out the following links. 



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