Hit the Road: A Woman’s Guide to Solo Motorcycle Touring

Story by Emily Roberts//
July 1 2018

As a rider of many years, I sometimes overlook the essentials of travelling, and often don’t take the time to search for new or better approaches to packing and safety before hitting the road. This book offers a well-rounded base for every motorcycle traveller to use as a starting point when preparing a motorcycle trip.

Although this is a “woman’s” motorcycling guide, it holds a lot of pertinent information that’s easily overlooked and is a worthwhile read for men as well. Author Tamela Rich has jam-packed this book with smart, relevant tips and information, and sprinkled it with wholesome tidbits of personal experience and insight that she has learned on the road. It’s an exceptionally easy read and could be finished in a day.

Rich, who had started riding in 2007 after her career and the economy took a turn for the worst, left her husband at home and set off on a 40-day trip across 19 states, learning something new around every turn. She has put together a go-to guide on a broad spectrum of solo travel. In this thought-provoking book, Rich guides you to find out what type of traveller you are and how to go about making your trip truly your own.

The tips she offers for the road are plentiful – from how to pack and where to sleep to how to hide money and the mechanical details of a bike. I found the technological tips to be most useful, particularly her insight into apps, and how to find the right ones for you. In this ever-growing world of quick technology, I find it overwhelming to even think about downloading another phone application, however useful it may be. Rich does a great job of guiding you to find the most useful apps for your specific type of travel.

Most road information is based in the United States, and it touches greatly on how the highway systems work and other aspects we may overlook when headed across the border.

While you read, Rich has a way of creating a fictional café in which the two of you are sitting like old friends catching up; she shares her stories and knowledge in a very casually and carefree manner. You hear how she’s felt in particular situations and of the overwhelming emotions that come along with solo travel. From female empowerment to the love of the ride, we all have our reasons to ride bikes. This 146-page book takes it a step further and offers essential information into travelling solo by motorcycle.

ISBN: 978-0-9840473-2-1. Available on Amazon.ca for $25.64.


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