Harley-Davidson to bring Big changes to the market in the upcoming years.

August 1 2018

Harley-Davidson has a comprehensive strategy to build the next generation of rider’s globally. “More roads to Harley-Davidson” Includes new products in various motorcycle segments, broader access and strengthening dealers 

Harley-Davidson’s shared the news of this accelerated strategy on July 30, 2018, with growth to take place from present through to 2022. Details of this plan include New Products, Broader access and Stronger dealers. Harley-Davidson will expand their digital capabilities, and establish strategic alliances with global leading e-commmerce providers. The company will implentment strategic framework to strengthen dealer and the customer experience. The biggest proposal noted from harley-davidson is the release of a number of new and innovative models through to 2022. 

Leveraging it’s industry-leading design and strong manufacturing capabilities, Harley-Davidson plans to offer it’s most innovative lineup of motorcycle, including an adventure touring model, a small displacement motorcycle for Asia, a number of  middleweight displacements, continuing innovation and technology in heavyweight displacements and an electric motorcycle. This would be by far the most comprehensive lineup release in Harley-Davidson history. 

Harley-Davidson is set to introduce a new 500cc-1250cc Middleweight platform that will include the company’s first adventure motorcycle, the Pan America 1250 and a 1250cc Custom and a 975cc Streetfighter. These new models are set to launch for 2020, with additional models to be released through to 2022. Harley-Davidson also announced it’s release for a more accessible small-displacement (250cc-500cc) motorcycle manufactured and marketed to Asia. They have also committed to continuing their leadership in heavyweight motorcycles by continuing to develop and improve their already refined touring and cruiser motorcycles and the technology development within the bikes. 

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