Husqvarna Motorcycles launches new MY20 Off-Road and Dual-Sport Line-up

Photos by Husqvarna Motorcycles
June 14 2019

Husqvarna Motorcycles has announced the launch of the complete range of MY20 TE, FE and FEs models.

The revamped 2020 line-up of competition, off-road and dual-sport machines introduce key chassis, suspension and engine developments. Along with a new frame, subframe, shock linkage and bodywork, updated fork and shock settings. The entire Husqvarna Motorcycles off-road and dual-sport range promises to create more flow and confidence while riding.

FE 501 and FE 350

All-new for 2020 is the off-road only FE 501 and FE 350. These models are stripped down versions of their dual-sport counterparts, the FE 501s and FE 350s. They feature more aggressive mapping and a less restrictive power pack, resulting in a lighter overall weight (by 3.4-3.6 kg) and more usable power. The bikes come with handlebar-mounted select switch’s that allows the rider to select between two EFI maps, and Traction Control.

59789_FE 350 2020
2020 FE 350


Quick List of changes

  • New frame on all models offering increased longitudinal & torsional rigidity
  • TE 150i featuring electronic fuel injection
  • New 250 g lighter 2-piece subframe across the model range
  • Updated WP XPLOR fork with new mid-valve piston & setting
  • Updated WP XACT shock with new main piston & setting
  • New shock linkage dimension providing reduced seat height & added control
  • All-new exhaust systems for optimal performance & durability
  • New seat places the rider 10 mm closer to the ground
  • Improved cooling circuit with radiators mounted 12 mm lower
  • Progressive new bodywork design offering new and improved ergonomics
  • Updated 4-stroke engines offering improved performance & rideability
  • Off-road only 4-strokes with Map Select switch and Traction Control
  • 1° lower mounting on TE 250i/300i engines for improved front end traction
  • Updated TE 250i/300i cylinder for superior 2-stroke performance


The Chassis

The entirely new generation of MY20 machines features new frames, subframes and bodywork and updated suspension and engines. All frames feature increased longitudinal and torsional rigidity and have a lighter composite carbon fibre subframe. As well as new aluminum cylinder head mountings which provide reduced vibration and optimized flex to further improve handling.

2020 TE 300i
2020 TE 300i 


WP Suspension on all models

Updated 48 mm WP XPLOR front forks and WP XACT shocks offer simple adjustment, more consistent damping and better resistance to bottoming. Performance, comfort and traction are further enhanced thanks to the linkage system that reduces seat height.


The Engines

Husqvarna Motorcycles MY20 off-road and dual-sport models are primed for performance with new engines across the range, as well as revised exhaust systems and wiring harnesses.

60216_TE 150i 2020 Engine
All-new 2020 TE 150i Engine

An all-new TE 150i now stands beside the pioneering TE 250i and TE 300i, sharing the same proven 2-stroke fuel injection technology. Giving all the convenience of a modern 4-stroke at a fraction of the weight, the machine mixes a nimble and lightweight chassis with a compact and powerful engine.

The entire 4-stroke range features extensive engine upgrades for increased performance and rideability, with the FE 501 and FE 501s receiving a new cylinder head, as well as extensive revisions to the FE 350 and FE 350s engine.

Showcasing Husqvarna Motorcycles pioneering design direction, the MY20 off-road and dual-sport range features distinctive, new bodywork and graphics. Allowing riders to perform at the highest level for extended periods, the slimmed down bodywork and 10 mm reduction in seat height deliver ergonomics that ensure easier movement on the bike.

The new Husqvarna 2020 TE models will be available at authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealers starting in July of 2019, while the 2020 FE and FEs models arrive in September of 2019. Visit Husqvarna Canada for more details.



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