The second annual MotoSocial Camp in Prince Edward County

Photos by TheMotoSocial
August 28 2019

#TheMotoSocial bringing people together for good times and a good cause.

By now many people have likely heard some mention of #TheMotoSocial, a social gathering of motorcyclists helping connect riders no matter what, where, how or even if you ride. These monthly events have been making their impact around the world. The gathering started in 2013 in Toronto by Viktor and Sam Radics, and quickly ignited inspiration around the world to continue the event in various locations; the goal is to bring people together with the common thread of motorcycles. 

Most of these events happen monthly throughout a day or evening, but from August 23-25th, 2019 Prince Edward County (PEC) held the 2nd annual MotoSocial Camp. The MotoSocial Camp brought over 200 people together riding all sorts of machines. These events are proving what many of us know to be true; that the passion of motorcycling transcends generations, brands or riding styles. Whether you rode, drove or walked your dog there, the event welcomed everyone and raised over $54,000 for, young leaders who are revolutionizing mental health.

The monthly MotoSocial PEC is organized by Duarte, Sarah and Dustin – three riders determined to bring the quaint area together for the love of bikes. The MotoSocial Camp ran for its second year offering a movie night, local rides, slow races, not to mention a plethora of gourmet food and drinks from local businesses; Oh, and some damn good conversation. Nathan Nasland, a local in Prince Edward County commented, “The MotoSocial is fantastic. What I love about it, it’s all ages; old, young, it doesn’t matter. No brands or issues, everyone is just out here because they’re enthusiastic about motorcycling. We need a lot more of this in Canada.”

The MotoSocial Camp had an eclectic and heart-warming feel being held in a Second World War hanger on an air force training base that was once used as a training facility known as No.31. When looking at the large, slightly decrepit buildings one would have their doubts about it coming to life as the main stage for the gathering, but as each Edison bulb was screwed into place on the many strings strewn through the rafters, the hanger became a rustic beauty that shone throughout the night, filled with the people that gathered for a common purpose. 

The MotoSocial is unique to most rallies or festivals. Most cater to a certain type of bike or rider; this one is all-inclusive, and it’s obvious when you roll in seeing the gigantic and beautiful “Love Everyone” sign hanging on the fence. There you’ll find everything from dual-sport bikes to vintage stock machines to new sportbikes, tricked-out Harley-Davidsons to scooters with sidecars. 

#TheMotoSocial happens monthly in most major cities around Canada and they seem to be continuously popping up in more locations. If you’re interested in seeing what these unique events are all about, or just want to meet some new people, check out for listings on the closest one near you. 

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