Cycle Canada announces it is no longer in print

Photos by Cycle Canada
September 26 2019

Jean Paré, editor of Cycle Canada magazine announced to the magazine’s subscribers recently that it will no longer be printing Cycle Canada. With the vastly growing online industry Cycle Canada has decided to change to a fully online platform. 

It is no secret that publications have a lot more competition these days. Information is at our finger-tips 24/7, and sometimes it’s just easier to look online. With endless information at our finger-tips it does bring up the ever-growing concern of reliable and reputable information that magazines offer. 

With its last printed issue of Cycle Canada sent out two months late it was expected that the publication was preparing to swap platforms. Cycle Canada sent an e-mail to its subscribers notifying them of the changes it’s made and how it will continue with an online-only presence. This email went to all subscribers who had given their email to Cycle Canada. We are unsure how others were notified.

Jean Paré had this to say in the e-mail “Change can be destabilizing, I agree. It takes us out of our habits, our comfort zone. However, it is stimulating and adds a little spice to our daily lives. Cycle Canada is transforming and improving, and it is with you, faithful readers, that we wish to continue this great adventure.”

The email went on to say, “For any questions, suggestions and comments, do not hesitate to contact our customer service representative, Natalie Chagnon, who will be happy to help you ( or at 1 855 965-9494, extension 200).”

We here at Motorcycle Mojo wish Cycle Canada all the best in its chosen direction. 

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