Harley-Davidson unveils the Pan America and Bronx for 2020

November 8 2019

Harley-Davidson releases the Pan America Adventure Tourer and the Bronx Streetfighter for 2020.

Harley-Davidson showcased the Pan America and the Bronx both with the new Revolution Max V-Twin at the EICMA show in Italy. With Harley-Davidson first announcing its plan for expansion into other motorcycle styles in July 2018 it was no surprise we’d be seeing the Pan America in real form for 2020. Although there is still a long wait to get your hands on both bikes as the models will launch in late 2020.

The Pan America 1250 produces over 145 hp with its Revolution Max engine. The overall style and look of the model is very similar to the concept look we got back in 2018, and Harley-Davidson says that the Pan America is an advanced adventure touring multi-purpose motorcycle equal parts campfire, wanderlust, and grit. The Bronx 975 is Harley-Davidson’s middleweight Streetfighter with over 115 hp and 70 lbs of peak torque.

 The all-new 60-degree liquid-cooled V-Twin has been designed for a new range of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in two different guises – 1250 cc in the new Pan America and 975 cc in the Bronx. Creating 90 lbs of torque in the 1250 cc and 70 lbs of torque in the 975 cc. Harley-Davidson assures that the Revolution Max offers flexible performance with a broad powerband that builds to a surge of high-RPM power, minimizing weight and maximizing performance. The fully balanced powertrain has an internal counter balancer that mitigates primary engine vibration to enhance rider comfort and improve vehicle durability. 

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