KTM Adventure Rally Canada 2020 will be held in Quebec

February 24 2020

KTM Canada has announced the 4th annual KTM Adventure Rally, this year being hosted in Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec September 18-19, 2020 

The 2-day navigation rally will be open to all brands of enduro/ adventure bikes over 600cc with the exception of KTM’s new 390 Adventure. The rally will be hosted at the Auberge du Lac Taureau and is expected to have a good turnout considering this is the first of KTM’s ADV rally series to be held in the east. 

The rally will once again offer two route options catering to different skill-levels and riding styles. Teams will work through navigating the routes trying to obtain the best time throughout the two-days. Concluding with the ever-exciting rewards ceremony on Saturday night. 

We’re excited to see a rally in the east making it more manageable for the majority of the motorcycling population to attend and experience one of these great events. We have noticed however, that KTM Canada made no mention of the Ultimate Race in it’s announcement of the Rally. We would like to see the Ultimate Race at the rally for 2020 but will wait to hear more details about whether the Ultimate Race will be included in this year’s KTM Adventure Rally. 

The event is open and able to be booked, you can find the event details here. 

 You can also read Emily’s take on the 2018 KTM Adventure Rally here. 

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