Harley-Davidson LiveWire sets new records in Drag racing 

September 15 2020

On September 4, 2020, The Harley-Davidson LiveWire set multiple records elapsed time and top speed on an electric-powered motorcycle on a drag racing course.

Three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle champion Angelle Sampey swapped from her FXDR to pilot the LiveWire bike for world records on the quarter and eighth-mile. Angelle obtained the eighth-mile in 7.017 seconds and completed the full quarter-mile in 11.156 seconds at 177.59 KPH (110.35 MPH).

Sampey is the winningest female in motorsports history with three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle championships (2000-2002) and 43 Pro Stock motorcycle wins.

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycle is an all-new, all-electric model designed to offer riders a thrilling and high-performance motorcycling experience infused with a new level of technology, and the premium looks and feel of a Harley-Davidson product. The LiveWire motorcycle is capable of rapid acceleration with just a twist of the throttle – no clutching or gear shifting required.

Sampey proved that the instant torque on the HD Revelation powertrain on the LiveWire motorcycle can rush from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 kph) in 3.0 seconds and 60 to 80 mph (100 to 129 kph) in 1.9 seconds. Because maximum torque is always immediately available, roll-on acceleration for passing from any speed is outstanding. An optimized centre of gravity, rigid aluminum frame and premium adjustable suspension components give the LiveWire motorcycle dynamic handling.

“Let me tell you what’s amazing,” said Sampey. “That was the first time I rode the LiveWire.” said Sampey, “I could not wait to get it on the track. The LiveWire is so easy to ride. Just twist the throttle and go, and you really go!”

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