Kawasaki Announces five motorcycle models for 2021

November 30 2020

Kawasaki recently announced changes and new arrivals to its 2021 motorcycle line-up we’ve listed them below, most of the models expect to be in dealerships by January 2021. 

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

With the Ninja ZX-10R being in the forefront of the World Superbike Championship for six consecutive years, Kawasaki has made changes to the well-versed race model. With a revised chassis geometry and suspension settings, new gear ratios, wheels and brake pads, integrated aerodynamic winglets and an air-cooled oil cooler with an independent circuit, the 2021 ZX-10R is sure to turn heads. The ZX-10R can be expected in dealerships in January 2021, pricing will start at $19,999.

Kawasaki Supercharged Z H2 SE

The 2021 supercharged Z H2 SE will see the addition of Brembo Stylema brake components and Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS), which includes Showa Skyhook technology. The Skyhook concept adjusts the suspension’s damping force to allow the wheels to track dips and bumps encountered, while maintaining minimal disturbance with the motorcycle’s position. You can expect to see this bike in person in early 2021 and the base price will be set at $19,699.

Kawasaki Versys 1000 LT

The 2021 Versys 1000 LT features the responsive 1,043 cc in-line engine with long-travel suspension and 17-inch wheels. The Adventure-tourer offers electronic cruise control, tool-free windscreen adjustment and an ergonomic upright riding position. You can expect to see the Versys 1000 LT hit the showroom floors in early 2021 with base price starting at $20,099.

Kawasaki KLX300 and KLX300SM – light and easy to handle for all types of riders.

Enjoy the best of the street or track with the KLX300SM. Said to be light and playful but dressed in aggressive supermoto styling. The new KLX300SM features a 292 cc quick-revving four-stroke engine with 17-inch front and rear wheels. The fully adjustable rear suspension accommodates to a wide variety of riders. The bike will be available in Blue or Lime green colours and will be available in early 2021 and is set to start at $6,799.

More on the off-road side of things, the KLX300 is a dual-sport machine ready to take you anywhere with the same 292 cc engine found in the SM model. With digital display, racer-based chassis and a fully adjustable rear shock the KLX300 is a lightweight package that boasts both manoeuvrability and control. The KLX300 will start at $6,499 and will be available in dealers for January 2021.

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