Founder of Edelweiss Bike Travel, Werner Wachter, has passed away.

January 29 2021

Edelweiss Bike Travel was founded by Wachter in 1980 and through the years has grown to be one of the most reputable motorcycle tour companies, offering guided and self-guided tours around the world. Werner Wachter was 78 years old and had run Edelweiss for 38 years before passing the torch to his son in 2018.

Son and successor, Tobias Wachter wrote “We say goodbye to a visionary, a successful and far-sighted entrepreneur, and above all a great humanitarian who carried motorcycle travel deep in his heart.

With his enthusiasm, his occasionally crazy ideas – which often made it impossible to stop him, his humour, his openness and creativity, he has shaped the motorcycle travel world and the entire Edelweiss family like no other.

With his smile and his sayings, such as “if you work at Edelweiss, you have the most beautiful job in this world” Werner will always remain in our memory.

For all of us, Werner’s legacy is an obligation to work even harder and more intensively on his vision of a large, international, and multicultural Edelweiss family. Werner, we will miss you very much.”

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