Klim Ai-1 Vest set to arrive in Canada after long wait

January 29 2021

Klim has confirmed that the Klim and In&motion’s Ai-1 Airbag Vest will arrive in Canada in April or May 2021.

We had first heard about this product over a year ago, but with strict guidelines on vehicle safety the company was unable to get it across the border until now. Currently you can pre-order your Ai-1Vest and wait for shipment to start in the spring.

The Ai-1 vest is equipped with an “In&box” (the brain) which links to your phone, meaning that it’s able to update your system continuously as each algorithm update comes out. The In&box continuously records your riding information and can store up to 10,000 hours of riding data. From there the In&box can transmit your riding information like lean angle, speed and distance; and send it (with your consent) to their main database. The data is broken down and the algorithm is further refined and updated within the airbag systems for all users. It’s a unique system that allows the riders to improve the algorithm with data from their riding.

The back protection in the vest replaces the one in your current Klim jacket (new models have more stretch panels to accommodate the vest.) as it’s a CE Level 1-rated back-pad, designed to provide impact absorption in addition to the airbag which focuses it’s main coverage to the shoulders, neck, and thorax (where most motorcycle related impact occurs.) The Ai-1 vest has an inert gas canister that is easy to replace by the user and you can bring up to three of them on airline flights. This is the only air-bag inert gas canister that can be replaced by the user at a cost of just over $100 – others must be sent back to the manufacturer or refilled at special locations.

The Airbag vest crash detection and inflation happen in less than 60 milliseconds; to put that into perspective the Alpinestar Tech-air detects within 30-60 milliseconds and inflates in 25 milliseconds and the Dainese D-air will inflate in 45 milliseconds (couldn’t find reliable detection time). The Klim Ai-1 vest can be inflated three times before it’s recommended you purchase a new vest, others need to either be replaced or sent back after each inflation.



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