AdMore Light Bar Pro

Story by Glenn Roberts// Photos by Glenn Roberts
August 17 2021

This technologically advanced brake light (and so much more) is sure to get the attention of drivers behind you.

Let’s face it: there are lots of safer things we can be doing to pass the time. Reading, juggling, and crossword puzzles come to mind. We all know that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous at times — and those of us that get into the sport accept the risks — but there are a number of things we can do to mitigate those risks. One of the most obvious is to take an advanced rider skills course and practice emergency manoeuvres regularly.

Another thing we can do to be more conspicuous is to add better lighting to our motorcycles. One of the dangers we face is being rear-ended because the driver of a following car didn’t see the motorcycle’s tail or brake light.

One of those additional lighting products comes from AdMore Lighting. Based in Calgary, Alta., AdMore has been creating safety-oriented, enhanced visibility LED taillight and brake light solutions since 2005, and the company’s super-bright Cree LED programmable light bars will certainly grab the attention of the driver behind you.

Building on the technology from previous light bars, the newest product in AdMore’s arsenal of rear illumination is the Light Bar Pro, which is enclosed in a weatherproof aluminum housing that measures 20 cm wide x 3.2 cm tall x 1.8 cm deep and incorporates 81 high-intensity, bi-coloured Cree LEDs.
The Light Bar Pro is an ultra-advanced LED multi-function light that has been two years in the making. It features the advanced electronics, Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app that allows the user to program every aspect of the taillight, turn signals and brake light functionality, plus a bevy of other features. The smartphone app will also update the Light Bar Pro’s features and firmware when updates become available, making this technologically advanced light bar functional for many years to come.

Installation is easy on any 12-volt system, and everything needed for installation is included in the kit. There are only five wires to connect — taillight, brake light, left and right turn signal, and ground — and the Light Bar Pro is fully CanBus compatible. I spent more time deciding how to run the weatherproof wire harness under the seat of my 2020 BMW R1250GS than I did connecting the wires. It certainly helps that there is a comprehensive database of wire colours by various manufacturers on the AdMore website.

Connecting to the motorcycle’s wiring is easy with the supplied Posi-Tap connectors. These connectors are the best connectors I’ve ever used in my 40-plus years working on vehicles. Do yourself a favour: if you need to connect any wires to your motorcycle or car’s existing wiring, discard your antiquated Scotchlok connectors and get Posi-Tap connectors.

The mounting bracket can mount in a number of places, including the licence plate bracket. The Light Bar Pro can also be flush-mounted without the bracket to a top box or other flat surface.

The light is already programmed out of the box, but you can fine tune the settings if you so desire. After the wiring is connected, simply download the free AdMore Connect app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) and log on, which will connect you to your Light Bar Pro via Bluetooth.
This will allow you to configure myriad settings for tail, brake and signal lights. For instance, you can program the brightness of the tail and brake lights, the number of times the brake light flashes on initial activation to alert the driver behind you, whether you’d like to also have three super-bright amber LEDs strobe upon brake activation to further grab the attention of following driver, turn on progressive turn signals, and so on.

In addition to getting the attention of the driver behind you with the brake light, the Light Bar Pro also uses a sophisticated Bosch accelerometer sensor that detects deceleration — if you chop the throttle or downshift, for instance — which can also activate the brake light. The sensitivity of this setting is also fully adjustable in the configuration panel of the app.

The app even has the ability to operate hazard lights in case your bike doesn’t already have them. There’s also a unique feature called Procession mode, which alternates the signal lights to allow those riding in a group scenario to better see the lead rider or to further alert approaching car drivers. The app and the light bar are both very user-friendly and quite neat in their approach to safety.

Also in the app is the dashboard, which allows the user to confirm the brake and signal settings while they are being configured, instead of always activating the bike’s controls.

Go to or call 1-877-564-8100 (Toll Free) for more information or to order the product. The Light Bar Pro retails for $219 and comes with a full one-year warranty.


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