KTM announced the 1290 Super Duke R EVO and Super Duke GT Models

November 25 2021


KTM has built upon the already exceptional Super Duke 1290 R, with the release of the EVO model and GT model, coming to showroom floors this winter. 


1290 Super Duke R Evo 

The 1290 R Evo will boast Semi-Active Technology (SAT) which will be standard for the Evo model, it will offer three different damping modes: Comfort, Street and Sport. Additionally, you can adjust the rear spring preload via the TFT menu, with up to 20 mm of preload within 10 steps. The adjustability setting ranges from 0% – 100% in 10% increments. 

The Evo will also offer an optional Suspension Pro package which allows for three more damping modes: Track, Advanced, and Auto. 

  • Track: provides the stiffest available setting developed internally by KTM test riders to provide the ideal setting for track days and specifically for faster race tracks where you need additional support under hard braking.
  • Advanced: This allows the rider to select the level of damping for the fork and shock on a scale from 1 to 8. This suits more technical riders who are looking for the smallest marginal gains and want to fine-tune and tailor their suspension settings for their riding styles. 
  • Auto: is the most intelligent of the trio and can detect different riding styles and automatically adapt the suspension damping, being softer and more comfortable when cruising through the city, and harder and more focused when riding aggressively on a fast mountain pass. This auto adjustment between modes happens almost instantly without any interference in the ride. 

Suspension Pro will also offer three automatic preload auto-levelling settings, Low, Standard and High. This adjustment will adjust the preload automatically in accordance with the weight of the rider. 

  • Auto-Standard: neutral and balanced geometry.  
  • Auto-Low: relaxed, less aggressive, more comfortable geometry, with a lower seat height.   
  • Auto-High: aggressive, agile track attack geometry, with a more loaded front end. 

   On top of these customizable suspension features the Suspension Pro package also offers an anti-dive setting to keep the front-end high under hard braking, this can be switched off if desired. The 1290 Super Duke R Evo will start at $20,599.

1290 Super Duke GT

Once again, building on the popular 1290 Super Duke platform, KTM has announced the addition of the 1290 Super Duke GT. This model is designed to offer a unique touring experience engineered with the Sportbike base.

Along with the incredible handling and power features of the Super Duke R, the GT is also equipped with WP Apex semi-active suspension allowing the rider to easily set up the suspension for luggage and pillion riding.

The 1290 Super Duke GT will feature a 7-inch TFT display and debut an all-new navigation system called Turn-by-Turn Plus, which will allow navigation instruction to be displayed directly onto the display. We do not yet have pricing on the new touring Super Duke model, but expect more details to come out soon.

For both new models, the 1290 Super Duke R Evo and the 1290 Super Duke GT you can expect to find a full range of KTM accessories. You’ll be able to find both new models on showroom floors in January 2022.  


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