KTM Announces the new 1290 Super Adventure models

December 2 2021

KTM North America has announced its 2022 lineup of adventure motorcycles, heading the lineup release are the new flagship models, the 1290 Super Adventure S and the 1290 Super Adventure R.

1290 Super Adventure S

This is the third generations of the heavyweight adventure models to come from KTM, the 1290 Super Adventure S is said to be the Sportiest and most technologically advanced adventure bike to come out of production from the Austrian company.

The new model boasts all-new bodywork, better fuel economy and low-weighted fuel tanks for better weight distribution. On top of this, the chassis has received a complete overhaul, the steering head is now set back 15 mm and the front section of the engine is relocated; these allows for sharper overall handling. The subframe has also been crafted to provide a lower seat height (200 mm adjustment setting) without sacrificing the versatility of the machine.

The technology is what really makes this model shine, KTM has paired up with Bosch to introduce Adaptive Cruise Control standard for 2022. This radar-based system automatically adjusts speed and distance to surrounding traffic, this feature will offer five stages that can be set with ease from your handlebars.

A new six-axis lean angle sensor filters information on the exact pitch and angle of the bike and its behaviour. This affects the Traction Control, Motor Slip Regulation, Stability Control and Off-road ABS (when applicable). The 1290 Super Adventure S will also include four ride modes: Rain, Sport, Street and Off-road, you can also add the optional Rally mode.

The 1290 Super Adventure S will feature redesigned WP Apex Semi-Active Technology (SAT) suspension. The SAT will offer augmented damping thanks to new valves, while the 6D lean angle sensor inputs directly into the unit for thorough rider behaviour.


  • New ergonomics – new fuel tank, lower seat & new plastics
  • Reworked bodywork, shorter chassis, new subframe and longer swingarm
  • Optimized weight distribution – added agility and comfort
  • New generation electronics – innovative ACC and reworked cornering MTC
  • More intuitive 7” TFT display – optimal accessibility
  • Redesigned handlebar switches, improved CCU
  • Revised 1301 cc LC8 engine – lighter without sacrificing power
  • Next generation of Semi-Active Suspension
  • Remodeled optional technology – Suspension Pro, Rally Pack and Tech Pack


1290 Super Adventure R

As per usual, the 1290 Super Adventure R model will offer a beefier version boasting off-road capability. The R model shares many of the same updates found on the S model but with a heavier focus on off-road riding.

Like the S model the R has an updated subframe and a stepped seat with a height of 880 mm. To enhance off-road handling the 1290 Super Adventure R has updated WP Xplor suspension with fully adjustable 220 mm of travel.

Along with a slew of updates, you’ll also find a completely redesigned airbox and air filter. The airbox is now easily accessible by just four screws. And the filter has vertical ribs (opposed to the previous horizontal ribs) which helps direct dirt and dust towards the bottom of the airbox.



  • All-new ergonomics offering extra agility
  • Redesigned seat with lower height
  • Reworked long-travel, adjustable WP XPLOR suspension
  • Optimized weight distribution with lower-placed fuel tanks
  • Cutting-edge electronics that enhance the ride
  • New, intuitive 7’’ TFT display with redesigned handlebar switches
  • New LED headlight with LED daytime light
  • Revised V-Twin engine with improved heat dissipation
  • New Adventure-spec tires by Bridgestone

We haven’t yet received word about when these new models will be available in dealers, or what price we can expect to take the 1290 Super Adventure S and R home for; but will update once we have more information.


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