Triumph Announces the New Tiger 1200

December 7 2021

The Tiger has undergone a heavy re-design from Triumph and now offers a much lighter, and powerful platform than ever before.

Triumph boasts that the new Tiger 1200 platform has been designed to be the world’s most capable, agile and manoeuvrable large displacement adventure motorcycle; although we will have to wait until our first ride to confirm this claim. Offering 147 hp, the new 1160 cc triple engine has been designed to offer more power and unique engine character. Adding to the package is Triumph’s new comprehensive technology package, with Triumph Blind Spot Radar System, developed in partnership with Continental (GT Explorer and Rally Explorer only), 7” TFT instruments with integrated Triumph Connectivity System, keyless ignition, shift assist, tire pressure monitor and more.

The new Tiger 1200 will offer six different models all together with two main category types, GT and Rally. The Tiger 1200 GT range will be based on road-focused adventures and will have a 19” front wheel and 18” rear wheel, and cast aluminum wheels. While the Tiger 1200 Rally range will cater to an off-road and all-terrain type adventure with a 21” Front and 18” rear wheels with tubeless spoked wheels.


Tiger 1200 GT

  • Tiger 1200 GT -20 litre fuel tank
  • Tiger 1200 GT Pro -20 Litre fuel tank
  • Tiger 1200 GT Explorer- 30 Litre fuel tank


Tiger 1200 Rally

  • Tiger 1200 Rally Pro – 20 Litre fuel tank
  • Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer- 30 Litre fuel tank

These new models are a whopping 24.9 Kg (55 pounds) lighter than the previous generation, in comparison to the Tiger 1200’s closest shaft drive competition it is up to 17 Kg (37 pounds) lighter. Contributing to the models weight loss is a redesigned aluminum subframe, lighter and stronger “Tri-link” swingarm and a slimmer and more compact design overall. Triumph has also added Brembo Stylema monobloc brakes with ABS and IMU, as well as advanced semi-active suspension by Showa.

For the GT range there are two seat height setting, 850 mm and 870 mm, while for the Rally range the seat heights are 875 mm and 895 mm. Triumph will offer a low seat option at additional cost that will lower the seat by 20 mm.

There will be up to six ride modes offered on the new Tiger 1200 depending on the model. In the Rally range you’ll find Road, Rain, Sport, Rider-Configurable, Off-Road, and Off-Road Pro. While on the Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer you’ll have Road, Rain, Sport, Rider-Configurable and Off-Road. While on the Tiger 1200 GT ride modes offered are Rain, Road, Sport.

As for colour options they are dependant on the model. For instance the Tiger 1200 Rally range will be offered in three colour schemes: Snowdonia White, Sapphire Black, Matte Khaki. While the Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer will be offered in Snowdonia White, Sapphire Black, and Lucerne Blue. The Tiger 1200 GT will be offered in only Snowdonia White.

You can expect to see the new Tiger 1200 range in dealers by Spring of 2022 with pricing starting at $22,300. And ranging upward to $28,700. Triumph will also be offering a full lineup of accessories dedicated the new generation of large displacement Tiger. You can find more information here.   

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