Harley-Davidson releases the all-new 2022 Nightster

April 14 2022

Harley-Davidson announced the release of its 2022 Nightster, a powerhouse sport cruiser offering a sleek silhouette and featuring the Revolution Max 959T engine. 


The model features a familiar Sportster silhouette paired with many new electronic rider aids and features. Creating 90 hp at 7500 rpm and 70 ft-lb of torque, this machine is expected to become a popular staple for the Harley-Davidson brand. Weighing 210 kg, we see a massive weight drop in the Nightster compared to the current Sportsters coming in at 221 kg. One major redesign helping with the overall lightweight feeling of the bike and positioning of the fuel tank under the seat offering a low-slung center of gravity. Harley-Davidson boasts that it’s noticeably lighter and more nimble, while offering an innovative design and impressive power.


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