2023 KTM 890 Adventure R Announced

September 19 2022

KTM has released the 2023 890 Adventure R. With continued success and enthusiasm for the 890 Adventure platform, it is no wonder many are excited to see new upgrades made to the model for 2023.

The new rally-oriented bodywork is evident while first glancing at the new 890 ADV R with a new fairing, fuel tank and cowling. On top of this KTM has also added a shorter windshield and higher front fender and engine protector. KTM has also upgraded the front suspension and retuned the rear shock for more versatility.

New technology on the machine includes a 5” TFT display with USB-C connectors and a completely new appearance with coloured pictograms and intuitive graphics. Within the display there is also new turn-by-turn navigation and call function allowing you to input up to 10 numbers to call through the system.

More upgrades to the technology include the new ABS control unit that takes readings from the 6D sensor, which continually informs the CMU of the angle, pitch, speed and overall behaviour of the motorcycle.

Another unique aspect KTM has brought forth for the new 2023 890 ADV R is Demo Mode. Demo Mode will give the riders the ability to experience all software upgrades on the machine for the first 1,500 kilometres before deciding if they like to acquire certain packs or features of the bike. Although we know Rally Mode will be an add-on, we are unsure what else will have to be additionally purchased for the new machine.

– Reworked bodywork & fairing inspired by the KTM 450 RALLY
– New windshield offering improved airflow
– Reworked suspension settings for reduced long-distance fatigue
– Upgraded 5” TFT display with USB connection & new pictograms
– Improved ABS components with new modulator (9.3 MP)
– Off-road ABS linked with Off-road Mode & (optional) Rally mode
– New off-road oriented tires
– Updated turn-by-turn plus navigation system
– Introducing the DEMO MODE functionality
– Handlebar switch with hazard warning
– LED indicators (US models)
– New engine protector


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