Counteract Balance Beads

Story by Glenn Roberts// Photos by Glenn Roberts
May 30 2023

Here’s to a smoother ride!

Over the years you’ve probably seen many motorcycle wheels with several lead weights stuck to them, or others that crimp onto the spokes, all in the attempt to quell an out-of-balance tire or wheel. Due to manufacturing inconsistencies, all tires and/or wheels are a little, or a lot, out of balance, and this must be addressed in order to preserve your motorcycle’s various mechanical parts being shaken to bits and to keep numbness at bay in your own body parts.

In addition, lead weights take away from what might otherwise be an attractive wheel, and considering that the Canadian government will be banning lead wheel weights in February 2024 (according to a government of Canada website, it’s estimated that 110 tonnes of lead from wheel weights fall off tire rims and are released into the environment every year), it’s about high time to look for an alternative. And with Counteract balance beads, you don’t have to look very far.

Simple Idea

Counteract balance beads, invented in Canada in 1997, were initially introduced to the North American trucking industry and are now in use around the world.
The idea behind them is simple. When a tire is out of balance, as centrifugal force increases and the heavy spot makes the tire bounce — which is the vibration you feel when riding — the beads move to the opposite direction through inertia, and continue to migrate to that location until there is no more vibration. Static electricity between the balance beads and the rubber makes them stay in place even when the vehicle is stopped, so even at slow speeds, the tire stays in balance.

I’ve been using Counteract balance beads for about 20 years now on every single bike I’ve owned during that time, regardless of whether it is a tubed or a tubeless tire, with or without a Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor, and I have never once had a balance issue.

Installation is Easy

With the valve core removed (there is a core removal valve cap in the kit), the beads are installed through the valve stem via a plastic squeeze bottle and hose. Simply squeezing the bottle repeatedly forces the beads into the tire. Sometimes they can jam up, which is a little frustrating, but lightly tapping the valve stem with a wrench or screwdriver usually fixes it. It will take a few minutes to get the beads installed, but rest assured, your tires will be balanced with no unsightly wheel weights stuck to them.

And don’t get me started about those lead weights flinging off at speed and possibly damaging paint and causing your tire to once again be out of balance.

These Beads Will Improve Your Ride

Beads are available for anything with rotating wheels, are environmentally friendly, and are scientifically proven to improve fuel economy. Check them out at to determine which kit is right for your bike. They are available just about everywhere. The DIY motorcycle kits typically range from $24 to $29 depending on the kit — a kit will do both wheels and contains everything you need including new valve cores. Kits are also available for three- and four-wheel vehicles right up to transport trucks.


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