Venustas Heated Vest

Story by Gwen Roberts// Photos by Gwen Roberts
May 30 2023

Suitable for those frosty mornings, motorcycle riding or any other outdoor activity that might get you chilled

Early this year I ordered a Women’s Heated Down Vest 7.4V with Heating Pockets from Venustas. Specializing in cold-weather gear ranging from jackets, vests, gloves and more, Venustas uses a graphene product for its heating elements and a CE-certified battery.

The outer layer of this particular vest is a woven, water-resistant, 100 per cent nylon fabric with a 100 per cent polyester inner layer filled with white duck down. The vest is machine washable and line-drying is recommended.

The vest comes with a 7.4V battery, a wall adapter and a USB cable for charging and a weatherproof bag to store the vest in when not in use. The vest’s power cable is located inside the front pocket. Simply drop the battery in the pocket and plug it in. The power button is on the top left of the vest and is easily accessible under your jacket.

It is simple to use. Press the power button for approximately 3-5 seconds and it will begin to preheat for 5 minutes (the LED light will flash red). The vest will automatically adjust to a medium heat and the light will turn white. You are all set.

I had my vest set on medium and it kept me toasty warm for almost six hours (after four hours the battery’s display said it still had 32 per cent power left). The heating level can be adjusted by pressing the power button in one-second increments. The instructions claim the heat will rise to 130°F/55°C on high-heat level, 113°F/45°C on medium and 95°F/35°C on low, and the battery will last 9-11 hours on low heat and 3-4 on high.

To turn off the vest, press and hold the power button for another 3-5 seconds. Simple, right?

It is recommended to unplug the battery while the vest is not in use, and it takes approximately 6-7 hours to fully charge the battery.

I found the fit and sizing to be standard with a bit of room for a light sweater under the vest. The vest fit nicely under my riding coat.

This product retails for US$179.99 and has a 30-day return and exchange policy in case you order the wrong size, and one-year limited warranty on the product itself.

Check out for the full line of Venustas heated products. Quite often you’ll find special pricing offers.


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