MV Agusta Announces the LXP Orioli Limited Edition Motorcycle

November 22 2023

The new model is said to be a tribute to Italian motorcycling legend Edi Orioli who became a symbol of adventure riding in the 1990’s, dominating the Dakar race and world rally scene. Each motorcycle will be numbered, and personally signed by Edi Orioli.

Cradled inside the new LXP Orioli is a 931 cc three-cylinder, developed in Varese. The engine itself is only 57 kg, 10% lighter on average than its direct competition: producing 133 hp with 85% of the torque available at only 3,000rpm. On top of this the crankcase, lubrication and cooling system are completely new, while drastic changes have been made to the crank gear, ignition, and gear box.

The LXP Orioli features a 6-axis inertial platform, which interfaces with the TFT screen, along with four ride modes including Urban, Touring, Off-road and a Custom All-Terrain mode. Traction control offers five levels of intervention including the option to be fully disabled. While engine braking is offered in two levels which can be adjusted separately from the ride modes. The cornering ABS on the model incorporates RLM (Rear Wheel Lift-up Mitigation) and has been specifically developed to operate effectively with both road and knobby tires. The ABS can also be fully disengaged, or just deactivated on the rear.  

210 mm of suspension is offered in front and rear with a fully adjustable Sachs fork, and adjustable Sachs mono shock. The seat height offers two positions at 850 mm and 870 mm, while ground clearance sits at 230 mm to tackle rough terrain.

The MV Agusta LXP Orioli will be delivered to customers starting in Spring 2024. We don’t yet have a price, but with limited numbers of 500 you can bet that this machine will be worth the money for any serious collector.

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