The Shows Must Go On

Story by Emily Roberts// Photos by Dean Foster
March 19 2024

It’s that time of year again: the snow slowly dissipates from the earth to reveal a glimpse of what summer will hold (at least in the parts of Canada that received snowfall this year). But before we see the vibrance of spring, we have bike shows here in Canada, something we’ve missed out on in the west for three years now. As Glenn and I toured around Vancouver (Abbotsford), Edmonton, Calgary and finally Toronto, I’ve been reminded just how wonderful motorcyclists really are.

Not only did we get to see and connect with many of our long-time readers, but it was a welcomed feeling meeting new riders and new readers at all the shows. The western shows didn’t run for three years during Covid, which meant that the many new riders that emerged through the pandemic didn’t have a way to connect and experience the culture of motorcycling through traditional events, like the bike shows.

Although there were local events and shows that helped to keep the close-knit community alive, many riders missed out on the industry events that brought international, national, and regional companies together all under one roof. The bike shows offer a unique experience to feel, explore and compare all the bikes on your wishlist in the same place.

Unfortunately, this year we were missing a few manufacturers, and my hope is that brands will realize the long-term benefit of showcasing bikes at the shows, which in turn helps to create brand loyalty from the riders in Canada.

At the Toronto Motorcycle Show one reader came up to let us know how much the magazine and our writers meant to him. Emotionally, he explained that, although we didn’t know it, we had become like family and had helped him get through some serious struggles in his life. I took this to heart, not realizing before how much a writer conveying their opinions on a page can really affect the reader.

I also had the pleasure of meeting many younger people who subscribe to our print magazine. I firmly believe that magazines have a place in our society. Magazines may seem unnecessary to some who prefer to indulge in the easy comforts of the internet, but the extended passion and knowledge that is shared through a magazine is like no other. When a tangible book or magazine sits on your coffee table, it doesn’t take up space. It urges the imagination of every passerby to pick it up and explore the inside.

Chris at subscribed for the first time at the Vancouver show in January. In February, at the Calgary show, Chris came up to me and commented about how great the magazine is. I asked him why he thought that, and he mentioned that, aside from the great articles, he found his kids picking it up, reading it, and flipping through to find the bikes they like. On top of that, when he invited friends over, they would look at the magazine and talk to him about the articles, instead of looking at web pages on their phones or sifting through Instagram by themselves. It was refreshing to hear.

I thought about this sentiment for a little while. I hadn’t often thought about the social or exploratory effect of a magazine. In a world of immediacy, you search online for what you want to know more about. But isn’t it a nice idea to read about something new, that makes you want to explore something different? You don’t know what you don’t know.

And what about your friends? What if you leave this magazine on your coffee table and see who picks it up? What if you drop this issue off at a café? Maybe someone else will find something they never knew they were looking for. That’s the beauty of a magazine.

So as our new readers flip through each page of this issue, I hope you enjoy and feel welcomed to our family of bikers across Canada and around the world, reading the same great articles you’ll find only in this collection of pages, whether it be through our print or digital editions. Motorcycle Mojo is a family business, but more importantly, you, our subscribers are part of that family. Whether you’re just getting into motorcycling, new to reading the magazine, or a long-time reader, I hope you take the time to enjoy each article. As the time to hit the road grows closer, we hope that Mojo inspires you to carry out your best and safest riding season.


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