TCX Comp Evo 2

Story by Emily Roberts// Photos by Emily Roberts
April 23 2024

Added lower leg protection for the rider with smaller feet.

When it comes to dirt bike boots, you can say I’m particular. It can be tough to find the right-fitting boot with the appropriate support for riding. Recently, I retired my old Alpinestars Tech7 boots and replaced them with a pair of TCX Comp Evo 2.

TCX (formally OXTAR) began in 1999, launching its first motorcycle footwear with an international patent for its T.C.S. (Torsion Control System), allowing controlled movement of the foot laterally and longitudinally while still protecting the ankle from injury. Now, TCX uses its Double Flex Control System, allowing safe torsional movement of the ankle and leg while riding.

One of the main factors that drew me to this boot was its sizing. Over the years, I’ve spoken to many riders with smaller feet (lots of women, and a substantial amount of men) that have issues finding a boot that fits while offering good protection. In the past, I’ve suffered from buying boots too big and placing two or three sets of insoles in the boot so they would fit better. There is a very limited selection of boots for smaller sizes and some resort to buying youth boots because they offer the sizes and ankle protection, they are however a lot shorter, exposing the calf and negating the intended safety of the boot. The TCX Comp Evo 2 starts sizing at 38 and goes through to a 49 European sizing; I’m a size 37 but was told by others that the sizing is a bit small, and the overall length and width fit well.

While the boot fit well in foot length and was incredibly comfortable, I found the boot’s toe box too tall. This caused my foot to move around while riding rough terrain and caused “toe bang” (it’s a skier term). To combat that, I once again had to install two sets of insoles to take up space in the toe box. The Comp Evo 2 is stiff for technical riding but has an ankle hinge to allow for flexibility while protecting your ankle and lower leg. This hinge support is better than many other boots I’ve worn and because the outside of the boot is a hard shell, there’s no creasing or folding when articulating your ankle.
While the fastening and buckle system overall is great, one gripe with the boot was the buckles themselves. They consist of two aluminum prongs which the adjustable plastic strap slides into, which provides tension to the boot while closing the buckles. The aluminum fasteners are so sharp, I felt like I was battling with tiny spikes to close the buckle. I’ve since bent one of the prongs on the buckle and, while it still closes, it doesn’t hold the strap as well as it used to.

The boots have great leg protection and ankle support using their Double Flex Control System, and they also have a calf adjustment system that allows the rider to adjust the calf and lower leg width separate from the main fastening buckles. This is a great feature; I often see riders with larger calves struggling to even get their boots done up and sometimes end up with a gap at the top where the boot material just can’t reach around the full calf.

The boot also has an inside leg sleeve separate from the hard shell of the boot, which provides a snugger fit and offers an added layer of protection separate from the hard exterior of the boot. The sole of the boot is a Michelin Hybrid MX Sole, with rubber and tread design to grip onto the foot peg so your foot doesn’t slide off while riding.

If you’re in the market for a new set of dirt bike boots, check out the TCX Comp Evo 2, especially if you have a tall foot or larger calf. This boot has become one of my favourites to wear and it has tons of rider adjustments to ensure a good fit.

The TXC Comp Evo 2 retails for $779.95, you can find them at, or any retailer that sells through Motovan’s distribution.


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