May 2016


In this month’s issue of Motorcycle Mojo we’re in Portugal testing the newly refreshed 2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer in its natural habitat. We’ll also introduce you to a group of young explorers seeking inspiration on the road; we doubt if you’ve ever heard of anything like the Leavinghomefunktion.
Our next installment of Canadian Legends focuses on one of history’s first motorcycle celebrities, Jake DeRosier. As with many of the sport’s early heroes, the mark he left was indelible but his departure came far too soon.
Our travel stories this month take us to northern Montana with Liz Jansen to explore natural wonders, and then Andrea Garner takes a road trip to California where great disappointment is tempered by great inspiration. This month Ron Keys returns to give us a tour of Nova Scotia’s eastern shores, where the view is almost always breathtaking.
In our vintage section, Alan Cathcart describes a long-term restoration that brings a one-of-a-kind, Art Deco Henderson back to its original glory. Next we take a look at track training and how it can help the road rider, and then we’ll get an experts take on the current state of motorcycle insurance in Canada.
All this and much more in the May 2016 issue of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine.

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